As consumers, our appetite for podcasts has increased as they become the new radio, and consequently our medium of choice. Listening to them has never been so easy, with 64% of podcasts being listened to on a smartphone or tablet. We’re able to consume them in virtually any computer-free environment such as our car or at the gym.

According to statistics, podcast listeners get hooked. Those in the UK listen to over 6 hours per week and those in Australia listen to 5.5 hours per week. In the US, with only 21% of the population are listening monthly, there’s still plenty of opportunity to convert the rest.

So what is a podcast? A podcast is “a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer” (http://www.dictionary.com).

Podcasts can be about any topic that people are interested in or passionate about. Most are free to download and listen to. You simply subscribe to a podcast via iTunes or an app on your phone to have each episode automatically downloaded when it is released.

For those of you keen to pursue your passion and become an entrepreneur, podcasts are one of the best ways to gain information and knowledge. All you have to do is listen. As podcasts allow you to digest information whilst doing your morning commute or daily walk, there’s no such thing as unproductive time. It’s important to be always improving yourself and doing something to move towards your goals.

With so many podcasts out there, it’s often difficult to know which ones you should listen to. So I’ve compiled a list of the 5 podcasts you need to subscribe to and start listening to today! These podcasts combine business tips and strategies, mindset approaches, lessons and challenges. As well as lots of entrepreneur journeys to inspire you every step of the way.

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  1. She Did It Her Way

This podcast is a must to subscribe to. It’s hosted by Amanda Boleyn who created “She Did It Her Way”. It’s a resource for female entrepreneurs wanting to make the leap into entrepreneurship. Amanda is extremely relatable having quit her corporate job in 2012. She understands the trials and tribulations associated with the world of entrepreneurship. She’s honest, down-to-earth and vulnerable in sharing her struggles and lessons. The podcast has a mix of interviews with other cubicle crushers who’ve made a variety of transitions as well as solo-casts with Amanda. There’s a range of topics from mindset, the journey of entrepreneurship, productivity, relationships to spiritual awareness. With an average podcast length of 35 to 40 minutes, it’s perfect for your daily walk or morning commute.

2. Christy Wright’s The Business Boutique

The energetic and deeply passionate Christy Wright has developed a podcast for like-minded women wanting to build a business. Her podcast explores everything from combining motherhood and a business, digital marketing strategies, making money in your business to understanding if your business ideas will work. Christy shares her true self, uncovering and exploring the challenges of business and family. Along with solo-casts where Christy delves into a topic to interviewing others who’ve walked the path her listeners are on. There’s always something to learn and many gold nuggets you can take away from her podcast. Allow about an hour to soak up the information and enjoy her endearing accent. You’ll love what The Business Boutique Podcast has to offer you.

3. Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod is the most amazing, inspirational and passionate person I have ever listened to. From surviving a car accident at age 20 where he was clinically dead for six minutes, broke 11 bones and was told he will never walk again to surviving acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a very aggressive form of cancer. Hal’s positive mindset and determination is absolutely inspirational. Everybody needs a bit of Hal in their podcast playlist! The Achieve Your Goals podcast provides you the motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals and dreams. Hal’s energy is infectious as you listen to him interview others about how they have achieved their goals and dreams. From building wealth to making the best of every day, the list of guests share their journeys and offer practical tips for anyone wanting to achieve in any area of life. The average podcast length is about 42 minutes and it’s the most favourite minutes of my week. I literally look forward to the new release of Hal’s podcast every week. A must for your weekly podcast listening!

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4. Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake

Based on the book, “Pivot”, this podcast hosted by Jenny Blake explores unique stories of Pivoters who’ve often walked the unconventional path. The stories are refreshing and moving as they share lessons learnt, challenges overcome all whilst embracing the unexpected and learning to trust in their bigger purpose. Jenny has a very honest and raw connection with her interviewees which really draws you in and makes it relatable. Usually around one hour long, there’s so much value and takeaways that you’ll be wanting for more.

5. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

The incredibly honest Amy often exposes her true self to her listeners sharing everything from her personal relationships, struggles with self to tips and strategies for building a six to seven figure business. Her behind-the-scenes look at business gives you actionable steps to help you build a successful business of your own. From online course creation, creating a lead magnet for your audience to creating multiple streams of revenue. Amy combines a mixture of solo-casts and interviews with other experts on a range of topics to provide a super-sensational resource for your business success. It’s easy to connect with Amy as her infectious personality comes through. Not only is this one of the best 40 minutes or so of your week, there’s a wealth of information shared that you’ll need to download the notes of the podcast to ensure you captured everything. Subscribe today to supercharge your marketing and business success!

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So grab some pods or earphones and subscribe to one of these podcasts today. Such a great way to increase your knowledge, develop yourself and learn!


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