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How to reinvent your career with an encore career!

Women at work in front of laptop looking unhappy

If you don’t enjoy your current career and are already considering how to escape it, then maybe it’s time for a career reinvention.

Gone are the days when you must spend your entire working life in the one career. Especially if you don’t enjoy your career! It is never too late to find a career you are passionate about and fills you with purpose.
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Lady Gaga, persistence and the power of never giving up!

There’s not many of us that haven’t heard of Lady Gaga. Her catchy pop songs, unique sense of fashion and acting credits have seen her become an accomplished creative professional. She has an impressive list of achievements including seven Billboard Music Awards, 21 BMI Pop Awards, nine Clio Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, 11 Grammy […] Read more…


4 Questions you should ask before becoming an Entrepreneur?

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but are unsure whether you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit in you? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your career? With the arrival of a birthday each year, it’s fairly common for us to reassess where we are at in our life, relationships and career. We ask ourselves […] Read more…